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Bootcamp: Save yourself possibly hours of headaches

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  • Bootcamp: Save yourself possibly hours of headaches

    Please note: Don't go mucking about with partitioning your drive using a new tool, whether it be Bootcamp, iPartition, Partition Magic, etc. without first taking a read through the directions for it's use. (Unless that is, you're not really concerned about the data on your drive and the possibility that you may need to reinstall your primary OS when you're done mucking.) You're only asking for trouble.

    And backup your primary partition before you begin. There is always the chance that something will happen; loss of power, etc.

    From the very first screen of Bootcamp Assistant is the option to print the instructions. Do It!!! If you don't want to print it, save it as a pdf and read through it. A quick 5-10 minute glance through can answer most of your questions. The rest of us would just have to quote the manual to get it as simple and easy as Apple has already done.

    If you have questions before you start (and after reading the tutorial), there are plenty of folks that will gladly help you out.

    Asking after you've gone mucking about, you'll more than likely still get some help. (At least if you provide good info.) But, the options that remain, may not be to your liking.

    (In case you didn't know, BootCamp Assistant can be found in your Applications / Utilities folder.)

    Note: Originally written & posted by bobtomay.