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Customizing/Theming OS X - Things to Note

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  • Customizing/Theming OS X - Things to Note

    These apps, designed to modify parts of OS X, replace or alter components of the operating system to facilitate theming or tweaking. Inherent in such a process is the risk that such changes will cause drastic damage. This is why I want to suggest that those warranty clauses that are a staple of every EULA take on greater meaning with these apps (if you don't know what I mean, take a look at section 7 of the OS X EULA here for an example).

    Somethings to consider if you decide to continue with the customization process:

    1. Weigh the possible risks with the benefits. Do a search of the forums for your chosen app before you begin to get a sense of how problematic it may be. After you've done that, ask yourself whether or not it's worth the risk. If you're unsure, start a thread.
    2. If you've decided to continue, make a Time Machine backup before you begin (or a backup with whatever tool you prefer). Doing this will keep your data safe in case the worst happens. Second, keep the original package that you downloaded handy. These applications generally have an uninstaller and 90% of the time, it will be included with the download. If it is not included, search the forums for help uninstalling it and the product's website for an uninstaller. Do these searches before you begin the process!
    3. Do not, and I can't emphasize this enough (so underlining will have to do!), simply delete the application by dragging it to the Trash if it was installed through an installer. OS X isn't smart enough to realize that once an application is uninstalled, all changes made by it should be undone. If you uninstall a customization app without reverting the changes properly, you'll find yourself frantically writing a "help me!" post.
    4. If, at any time, you find yourself uncertain about how to proceed at any step in the process (whether this be installation or uninstallation), start a thread asking for advice. You'll be thanking yourself later.

    Note: Original Post made by vansmith.

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    I have a few things to add about themeing OS X for those of you that are interested in doing it.

    Since 10.5 there had been no easy way to theme. When you install a theme on 10.5 or newer, you are overwriting system files with the new image files. Since there have been plenty of changes between 10.x versions, heck, even between 10.x.x there have been some changes, if the theme isn't for the EXACT OS version you are running you run a very high change of destroying your system installation.

    When you install a theme, it goes and searches for files and overwrites them. If they aren't there, it will install them anyways. And especially if the file it is replacing does something else now, it will replace that too. So as you can see, it is pretty easy to screw up your OS with themes.

    If you do want to try them, make sure you have a fresh back up of your computer. Not a Time Machine backup, but a bootable clone of the hard drive. That way if your computer does get hosed you can easily revert to the backup.

    Note: Original post made by member Stretch.